Duty Dating

The Movie

DUTY DATING is a quick-witted romantic comedy about a successful single woman who is unsuccessful in love and on the advice of a love doctor, has to learn how to meet and marry her man.

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Clarice, a magazine stylist, botches every potential relationship without ever understanding why.

With the advice of a famous love doctor, Clarice goes from doing all the wrong things while hysterically juggling many toads to learning how to do the right things to marry her prince!

Internationally acclaimed, DUTY DATING is the magical film that entertains you and shows you exactly how to meet and marry your man.

You’ll see:

  • How to go from no dates to being besieged by men!
  • The importance of “duty dating” and how it helps you get married
  • Dialogue you can use immediately in your own dating or love life
  • How to stop feeling nervous or uncomfortable around men and start feeling confident and cool
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Dating in ACTION!

Based on the nationally acclaimed best selling book, “Getting to ‘I Do’” by Dr. Pat Allen, DUTY DATING is more than a movie, it’s a “How To” for having a successful romantic relationship.

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"Cherry Norris is an excellent coach and communicator. I’m so grateful she’s taken my work to the world through her film, DUTY DATING!"

- Dr. Patricia Allen, Author “Getting to ‘I Do’.” Los Angeles, CA

“I watch Duty Dating before every date.  I memorized lines to use on the men who invite me out.  The results are amazing!  I enjoy dating and have met a new man I’m crazy about! Thanks so much!”

- Lindsey, Arizona

DUTY DATING is enlightening, entertaining and a whole lot of fun! The relationship advice is Priceless!”

- Moira, Marina del Rey, California
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